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The ACT Government has confirmed that residential construction work can recommence from Friday 10 September. Members are advised that there are a number of guidelines to follow as well as density limits on sites.

It is recommended that Members familiarise themselves with the ACT Government’s Construction Requirements document which can be found here.

We have highlighted key points in these guidelines below.

Density Limits for sites 


Residential Construction at an Occupied Residence:

For Residential Construction at an Occupied Residence, employers must ensure:


Where physical Residential Construction had commenced prior to 5pm on Thursday 12 August 2021:

  • The Density Limit is up to five people plus one supervisor on the work site at any point in time, including a maximum of 2 people undertaking indoor work at any point in time; and
  • There is to be no interaction between workers and residents within a premises. If residents are at home while work is being carried out, they must remain at all times in a separate area.


Where physical Residential Construction had not already commenced prior to 5pm on Thursday 12 August 2021:

  • No new indoor work is to commence (unless residents move out and the site becomes an Unoccupied Residence). Emergency repair work is however permitted under the Public Health Direction; and
  • New outdoor work may commence, with a density limit of up to five people plus one supervisor outside on the work site at any point in time. There is to be no interaction between workers and residents within the premises.


Residential Construction at an Unoccupied Residence:  

For Residential Construction at an Unoccupied Residence, employers must ensure the density limit is the lesser of:

  • 1 person per four square metres across the site; OR
  • Five people plus one supervisor at any point. For example, the maximum number of people permitted on a 16m2 site is 4 (16 ÷ 4 = 4). The maximum number of people permitted at any site larger than 24m2 site is five people plus one supervisor.

COVIDSafe Plan  

Each construction site must have a compliant COVIDSafe Plan. Construction activities may only occur on a site where a compliant COVIDSafe Plan is in effect. Where practicable, COVIDSafe Plans should be designed with input from workers and their Health and Safety Representatives. Guidance on the content for COVIDSafe Plans can be found here and plans must be consistent with these requirements.

In all cases, construction activities must be segregated from members of the general public.

Authorised Worker Permit  

Employers who require their staff to attend a worksite as part of a permitted activity must issue an ‘Authorised Worker Permit’ to their employees setting out:

  • the employer’s name and telephone contact details; and
  • the worker’s name and the permitted activity for which the worker is authorised to travel. This is the employer’s responsibility.

A template ‘Authorised Worker Permit’ has been developed for use by employers. It can be found here or at the end of the Construction Guidelines document.

Authorised workers are required to carry their ‘Authorised Worker Permit’ when working and when travelling for work. It must be produced to WorkSafeACT, ACT Health officials, Access Canberra representatives, ACT Policing and other workplace safety officials upon request. Workers may carry the ‘Authorised Worker Permit’ in either a paper or easily accessible electronic format.

Check in CBR App

It is now mandatory under these Industry COVID-19 Requirements for employers to install and take reasonable steps to ensure anyone entering a site checks in using the Check in CBR App, regardless of the length of time they plan to stay there.

Each individual site is required to have one Check in CBR QR code displayed at the entrance to the site. The Head Contractor is responsible for registering for and displaying the QR Code. Head Contractors can sign up to the Check In CBR App site here.

Face Masks

Employers should ensure that an adequate supply of suitable face masks is available for use and provision is made for appropriate disposal of disposable face masks. The wearing of face masks is mandatory on construction sites, unless the nature of the work being undertaken does not allow for the safe use of a face mask or an exemption according to ACT requirements applies. Further information can be found here.


Adequate arrangements are to be made by workers to ensure their travel to and from work is conducted safely in accordance with ACT Health advice, and that adequate sanitisation facilities are in place for workers upon attending the work site and when returning to the work site during work.

Car-pooling to and from the worksite should be discouraged for people who do not live within the same household. Work vehicles that are shared should be regularly cleaned to ensure adequate hygiene and protection.


Employers and Site Managers must actively encourage all workers to get vaccinated as soon as possible and provide information on how to book and where vaccinations are available. Employers must support workers to get vaccinated by allowing flexible work arrangements, allowing paid leave or paid time off work to get vaccinated, and use of personal leave if suffering side-effects.

Anyone with even the mildest of symptoms must get tested and stay at home until a negative result is received.

Please contact the team at TLA with any questions on (02) 9630 4844 or email 


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