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TLA Logo Usage Guidelines

Using The Landscape Association (TLA) logo on business cards, websites, and stationery is a great way to put your Association membership to work for you. It’s an effective marketing tool that quickly spotlights your professional affiliation and enhances your business image. We’ve made it easy to do. Just download the logo file and remember to follow the guidelines below.

Who can use the TLA logo?

  • TLA Members. If you are not a financial Member then you are not entitled to use or continue to use the TLA Logo and must immediately cease using it.
  • TLA affiliates and MOU’s.

General Guidelines

The Association logo and any marks associated with the Association are the property of the Association and are protected by state and federal laws.

  • Use of the TLA logo is a benefit of membership and is by way of a limited license, restricted to TLA financial members in good standing; members may use the logo on stationery, business cards, and in advertising to indicate TLA membership.
  • The logo may not be used to state or imply that the Association has endorsed a company or a company’s products and services. Members may not place the logo on their products.
  • No alteration of the TLA logo is allowed. The Association logo may not be taken apart. It may not be combined with other design elements. It may not be changed in colour, font, size, or otherwise modified from the version supplied by TLA.
  • TLA may at any time by terminate the license to use the logo by notice to anyone using the logo and require them to immediately cease using the logo.

Specific Guidelines

Logo usage in print:

Colour Breakdown for the TLA Logo

  • The logo must be the approved version and must be displayed in accordance with all guidelines
  • The logo symbol must have the following values for:
  • The darker green in the Logo Device is = C:63 M:0 Y:79 K:0
  • The lighter green gradient is = C:51 M:1 Y:93 K:0
  • The font colour for the words “THE LANDSCAPE” must have the values C:69 M:63 Y:62 K:58
  • The font colour for the words “ASSOCIATION ” must have the values C:71 M:64 Y:64 K:65
  • The logo must stand alone. It may not be combined with other graphical elements.
  • The logo must be accompanied by the text “Member.”
  • The logo must be displayed in a positive manner. It may not be used to depict TLA or any of its Members, services, products, or affiliates in a negative way.


Logo usage on the internet:

  • The logo must be the approved version and must be displayed in accordance with all guidelines.
  • The logo colours must match the above statement.
  • The logo must be placed in a prominent spot on the website. It may not be combined with other graphical elements.
  • The logo must be accompanied by the text “Member”
  • The logo may be accompanied by a link to the TLA website along with the text “Click on the TLA  logo to visit the official website.”
  • The logo must be displayed in a positive manner. It may not be used to depict TLA or any of its Members, services, products or affiliates in a negative way.

TLA logo download

If you are a member and would like to download The Landscape Association logo, please log in and visit the Member Download page.

Termination of use

The TLA typeface is a unique symbol that represents and identifies the Association and its activities. It is essential that the logo be used properly to ensure its continued value to the Association and its Members. TLA, therefore, reserves the right to immediately terminate the use of its logo to anyone at any time.

Learn More About Our Policies

The TLA Constitution, Code of Ethics, Privacy and Environmental Policies are the basis for the conduct of the Association and its Membership. Do you want to learn more?

TLA Constitution

The TLA Constitution forms the basis for all operations and business conducted by the Association. It addresses the role of Board Members, membership categories, procedures for general meetings and much more.

Read more

TLA Code of Ethics

In the interests of professional and ethical business dealings with clients and organisations, all Members of The Landscape Association (TLA) agree and adhere to our Code of Ethics, Code of Fair Business Practice, as well as TLA’s Constitution.

Read more

TLA Privacy Policy

TLA adheres to all legal obligations and ethical considerations with regard to the privacy of Members, organisations and the general public.

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TLA Environmental Policy

TLA is an environmentally responsible association adopting all practical measures to ensure care for the local, national and global health of natural environment. Additionally, all Members are encouraged to follow sustainable environmental practices, and wherever possible, lead their clients to more environmentally sound products and practices.

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Terms and Condition

These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with TLA’s Privacy and Copyright Policy Statements.

Descriptions of contracts contained on this website are a guide only and do not outline a specific fitness for purpose. The Landscape Association gives no representation or warranty about suitability of a particular contract for a specific function.

The Landscape Association does not accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within the pro forma contracts or the LNA Master Landscapers Rates Guide Schedule of Rates for Landscape Works. All contracts and Guides are purchased at the risk of those making the purchase.

TLA does not have access to the customer’s credit card number which is encrypted for security purposes. The credit card will be debited at the time of processing the payment. A tax invoice/receipt will be automatically generated and emailed to the customer.

Orders are ordinarily dispatched by Australia Post, Express Post, within seven working days. Five days should be allowed for delivery. This timeframe is indicative only. Every reasonable effort will be made to notify the customer if a delay is expected.

Provided an order has not been dispatched, it may be cancelled in full or part by calling The Landscape Association on (02) 9630 4844. Returns are not accepted by The Landscape Association unless the customer has received an unordered or faulty item, or unless otherwise required under Australian legislation.

The Landscape Association reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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