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TLA’s Members have earned a reputation for not only outstanding craftsmanship, but also for ethical behaviour and excellent professionalism. It is an essential tenet of TLA principles that, by acting in accordance with these codes and policies, TLA Members will continue to secure community trust and safeguard the reputation of the industry.

TLA’s Ethics are about relationships, well-informed conscience, remaining true to the ideals of what TLA stands for, the courage to explore the difficult questions and acceptance of the responsibility.

Ethical decision making will be based on relevant/significant facts; the discarding of assumptions, the weakness/strengths of positions, transparent results open to scrutiny and the consideration of the ends justifying the means. The outcome ought to be comfortable and one which may fairly apply to all.

Ethical process ought to be one of reflection that all could agree to be scrupulous, honest, competent and sincere.

TLA Code of Ethics

The management of this Association subscribes to the following TLA Code of Ethics under which it commits itself to:

  • Deal honestly and fairly with our clients;
  • Recognise that fair and genuine competition is a fundamental service to which our prospective clients are entitled;
  • Maintain a high standard of work and comply with the plans and specifications in the execution of all works we undertake;
  • Comply with the prevailing building and construction codes for construction and work towards their improvement in the interests of structural efficiency, safety and health;
  • Deal justly with our employees, and with those whom we contact;
  • So conduct our business that the health and safety of our employees, of those with whom we contract and their employees, and of the community, are safeguarded;
  • Avoid all contact or practice likely to discredit or do injury to the Landscaping Industry or our Association;
  • Give our informed and vigorous support to all sound legislation effecting the Landscaping industry;
  • Co-operate in aiding the advancement of the Landscaping industry; and
  • Take every opportunity of rendering community service.


Financial Integrity

A thorough credit and ASIC check is conducted on all TLA Membership Applicants, ensuring their financial stability upon admittance to the Association.

TLA Code of Fair Business Practice

As a Member of The Landscape Association, management of this Association subscribes to the following Code of Fair Business practice, the guiding principles and objectives of which are:

  • Fair and equitable dealings with clients and other industry participants at all times;
  • Compliance, not only with the law, but with the minimum industry standards of conduct prescribed in this Code;
  • Accountability for any transgressions of this Code;
  • Promotion of an efficient, competitive and ethical building and construction industry;
  • Providing the client with the confidence that using a TLA Member is a better way of Landscaping; and
  • Provision of the framework to continue industry reform and, in particular, changing the adversarial nature of commercial dealings to that of the partnering concept of utmost good faith and fairness in such dealings.


We commit ourselves:

  • To act at all times with honesty, integrity and responsibility and in the spirit of good faith and fair dealings;
  • To engage in no conduct which is unfair, harsh or unconscionable;
  • To engage in no practice which might tend to lower the standards applicable in the building and construction industry;
  • To observe both the spirit and the letter of the relevant laws of the Commonwealth, States and Territories in which we operate;
  • To understand the principles of fair-trading legislation, including but not limited to, the Trade Practices Act by ensuring that all key management participate in appropriate educative training and compliance programs;
  • To bring any known breach of the Code by a Member to the attention of our Association without delay;
  • To seek further objectives of the Code; and
  • To observe the principles of the Code.

Learn More About Our Policies

The TLA Constitution, Code of Ethics, Privacy and Environmental Policies are the basis for the conduct of the Association and its Membership. Do you want to learn more?

TLA Constitution

The TLA Constitution forms the basis for all operations and business conducted by the Association. It addresses the role of Board Members, membership categories, procedures for general meetings and much more.

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TLA Privacy Policy

TLA adheres to all legal obligations and ethical considerations with regard to the privacy of Members, organisations and the general public.

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TLA Environmental Policy

TLA is an environmentally responsible association adopting all practical measures to ensure care for the local, national and global health of natural environment. Additionally, all Members are encouraged to follow sustainable environmental practices, and wherever possible, lead their clients to more environmentally sound products and practices.

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TLA Copyright Statement and Logo Usage Guidelines

This website and the content contained herein are subject to copyright. To learn about permitted usage of material, read our copyright statement. You can also access our Logo Usage Guidelines here

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Terms and Condition

These Terms and Conditions must be read in conjunction with TLA’s Privacy and Copyright Policy Statements.

Descriptions of contracts contained on this website are a guide only and do not outline a specific fitness for purpose. The Landscape Association gives no representation or warranty about suitability of a particular contract for a specific function.

The Landscape Association does not accept responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within the pro forma contracts or the LNA Master Landscapers Rates Guide Schedule of Rates for Landscape Works. All contracts and Guides are purchased at the risk of those making the purchase.

TLA does not have access to the customer’s credit card number which is encrypted for security purposes. The credit card will be debited at the time of processing the payment. A tax invoice/receipt will be automatically generated and emailed to the customer.

Orders are ordinarily dispatched by Australia Post, Express Post, within seven working days. Five days should be allowed for delivery. This timeframe is indicative only. Every reasonable effort will be made to notify the customer if a delay is expected.

Provided an order has not been dispatched, it may be cancelled in full or part by calling The Landscape Association on (02) 9630 4844. Returns are not accepted by The Landscape Association unless the customer has received an unordered or faulty item, or unless otherwise required under Australian legislation.

The Landscape Association reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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